BigShot Camera lets you handle assembly


It used to be you heard about electronic and mechanical geniuses getting their start through tearing apart any gadget or motor they can get their hands on.  Purely to see what made it tick and if they could perhaps get the whole mess back together again.  Sadly, today’s kids get a little bit jipped in that department.  A lot of electronics once taken apart have a void warranty and on occasion can even have harmful materials within.  Well BigShot is a working camera that allows for the kids to build the camera.

It’s a great way to get kids interested in the technology world and gives them a camera of their own that they can proudly show off.  Once the camera kit is all put together it can be powered by either a battery or by cranking it.  To work the crank you just need to crank it 6 times per picture.  It also has lenses on a rotating wheel that allow for prism, wide angle and other type shots to be taken.  Right now the BigShot camera kit isn’t available.  BigShot hopes that they’ll be able to make the camera cheap and available to kids worldwide.  However, it’s too early to tell as to whether or not they’ll actually succeed at that.

Source: OhGizmo