iBiquity Digital Corporation unveils Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver


ibiquityiBiquity Digital Corporation has rolled out a new accessory known as the Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver for the iPod touch and iPhone, where it will be accompanied by the Gigaware HD Radio application which allows owners of either device to receive HD Radio FM broadcasts without missing a beat. Both the accessory and HD Radio application will combine to take advantage of the iPhone 3.0 operating system with its ability to support external accessories. With iPhone 3.0, application developers are able to make use of external hardware support, resulting in accessories such as the Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver.

According to Bob Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity Digital, “Portable HD Radio is a great perk for iPhone and iPod touch users – and one that will certainly impact HD Radio broadcast entertainment to a massive user base that is constantly in motion. With iTunes Tagging, browser capabilities and interactive features, the HD Radio application creates a new level of relevance for radio. And since 65 percent of new music discovery occurs over broadcast radio, this is a natural marriage that’s a total win for iPhone and iPod touch users.”

To enjoy HD Radio Technology on your iPhone and iPod touch takes but a simple two-step process, where you obviously need to fork out $79.99 for the Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver, followed by a download of the application for free on Apple’s App Store. As for the receiver, it is able to deliver HD2/HD3 channel reception, offering Program Service Date (PSD), boasts the ability to produce CD-like digital quality sound while offering users the freedom and choice to operate the Apple device remotely. Adding in an iTunes Tagging button on the navigation control lets one tag songs for future review before making a purchase decision on the App Store.

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