The ScentBug Home Fragrance Oil Fan

by Ally


We’ve all seen those ridiculous scent filled contraptions that promise to fill your home with your favorite smell.  They all seem to have that same look, so everyone will know exactly what they are as soon as they see them.  Well these are still filled with your favorite smell, but they don’t look quite as obvious as the rest that you usually find at the grocery store.  This looks more hi-tech and actually comes in several different colors.

The device is really just a small enclosed fan.  In order to work it, you just put in your favorite fragrance oil from ScentBug by putting about 20 drops of the oil onto the oil pad refills.  The oil pads will cost you $3.50 for a pack of eight and the oils around $8 a bottle.  Then turn on the fan and it’ll fill the room with that scent.  By allowing you to put on the drops yourself, that also means you can mix up your own personal scent.  The fans come in red, pink, green, brown and white.  You can purchase yourself one for $12.50.

Source: ChipChick

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jackie constantine Says: January 19, 2010 at 2:02 pm

I can I order them from Canada.I am very interesed in them because I bought one when I was away on holidays in November and would like to buy some more.

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