Real calculators designed to resemble your desktop calculators

by Ally

os calc

Even if you’re used to using both a Mac and a PC, for some reason you’ll probably start to acquire a preference as to which calculator you prefer.  The one within Windows or the one you would use through Mac OS.  Either way you’ll get the same numbers, but for one reason or another you might find one of them more convenient than the other.  Well these calculators take the in-computer versions and make them real.

They even include the boxes to close out of the calculators, although I’m not really sure how they would be used.  They are there though, so that’s got to count for something.  These were created by the product designers at MintPass.  That also means so far, nothing like this is actually available for purchase.  It would be great if Windows or Mac ever came out with something like this themselves.

Source: BBGadgets

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