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Isabella Products, Inc. and AT&T have teamed up to announce a brand new two-way, fully interactive digital photo frame in the industry which will be simply known as Vizit, where it will be running on the AT&T wireless network for all its connectivity needs. What is Vizit able to do? Well, for starters, it allows people to not only send but receive digital photos over the air while combining it with an easy-to-use interface, real time photo sharing, a full-touch interactive display and remote photo management from This special amalgamation of touch-screen technology, proprietary software and cellular connectivity offers a rich, yet effortless, photo sharing experience. We can expect Vizit to hit the market sometime early next year, which isn’t exactly swell news since that would mean missing out on the holiday shopping season this Christmas.

Relying fully on AT&T’s nationwide wireless network when it comes to sending and receiving photos, users are able to do so directly from the Vizit itself to friends and family via email or over to another Vizit, allowing you to build a private community of friends and family who are open to sharing their lives with a close circle at all times. This brings the photo sharing concept to a totally new level, where those who have access to Vizit are able to know what’s happening at that very moment – without having to wait for you to sort through and process a whole bunch of photos stashed away on your memory card. Sort of like a visual Twitter, so to speak.

Features of the Vizit include a 10.4″ high resolution touchscreen display complete with easy-to-use icons and an intuitive carousel menu that allows you to navigate through photos in a jiffy. You can create your own photo slideshows if you want to, rotate or enlarge them to fill up the entire screen. Each time new photos arrive, you can send replies back to the sender or forward said photos to other family and friends. You will require a monthly or annual photo plan to go along with the inital $279.99 price point, of course.

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Bob Says: January 5, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Does it work fully on the Mac/OS format?

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