Solar Speed Boat Electronics Kit


As kids most of us enjoyed building things.  Even if it was just a sand castle or a Lego themed item that really didn’t do anything but sit there, it was still awesome.  For a kid to be able to build something that actually moves would be a whole lot more fun.  Especially if it’s a speed boat that they get to play with at the local pool or even in the bath tub.  Well this speed boat lets the kids construct it themselves and even teaches them about solar energy.

The project is easy to build and will work just fine for kids 8 years of age and over that.  When it’s all put together and outdoors the solar panel will give the boat all the power it needs.  Then when you’re indoors you can pop in 2 AA batteries and it’ll keep on running.  Just make sure to disconnect the solar panel before you put in the batteries, otherwise it’ll damage the solar panel.  You can purchase the Amazing Solar Speed Boat Electronics Kit for £9.99 or about $16 through Maplin.

Source: Envirogadget