Firegate all-in-one firewall with disaster recovery capabilities


Back in the days, having a firewall was a decent option if you wanted to secure your network against incoming attacks from the outside, but these days not just any firewall will do. Wiresoft, being a leading provider of affordable, high performance network security products for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has just unveiled Firegate, where it is touted to be the industry’s foremost “unbreakable” firewall delivering enterprise-level security plus disaster recovery without breaking the bank – perfect for such an economic climate. Just to get a better impression of how “steady” and reliable it is, the Firegate’s core technology platform has never been penetrated in either laboratory or market conditions to date. In order to underline its robustness and security, Wiresoft has issued a challenge, offering up to $24,000 in prize money to anyone who can hack Firegate within 24 hours.

Dubbed the “Hack Us If You Can” challenge, it will be open to all from November 16 onwards, and you can check out the challenge rules here. Guess there will be plenty of coffee being passed around by a group of ethical hackers as they vie for 24 grand, no small sum even by today’s standards as that can get the winner a brand new ride or a super souped up gaming rig with more than enough cash to spare. According to Wiresoft President Tom Schram, “With Firegate, businesses have a real alternative: a single all-in-one system that foils network security threats, provides full back-up, and is available at a price that any SMB can afford. Hack us if you can – we dare you.”

Firegate is a unified threat management (UTM) network security product, where a solitary platform will help protect companies against all network security threats. It offers firewall, individually configurable spamwall, unlimited VPN support, content filtering and anti-virus protection, where it has been included in a single price point without any hidden charges or add-ons. Any takers?

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