USB Medical Health Information Card


Emergencies and accidents are often unexpected, and can prove to be fatal if there is insufficient information concerning the victim available during the rescue process. After all, when one is severely injured in an accident, stricken by an allergic reaction, or impaired by a stroke, heart attack or seizure, how can your important health and medical information be relayed to first responders? Short of carrying highly personal stacks of health records and lists of prescriptions that you are currently on wherever you go, how about storing everything onto the new 911 Medical ID? The 911 Medical ID is the thinnest USB medical information storage device in the world on the market at the moment, and it sure beats copying health information onto form after form by hand at your local doctor’s office, eh?

Measuring roughly 2mm thin, the 911 Medical ID is small and compact enough to fit in your wallet similar to how a credit card nestles comfortably within. It offers a simple and convenient method to store and carry important medical information, ranging from health history to allergies and prescriptions, where medical personnel are able to access the easy-to-understand format. This card has been a work in progress for three long years, and the result is nothing short of fantastic with it being a potential life saver, as the crucial information stored within will help reduce misdiagnoses, save valuable time and perhaps even help reduce the cost of medical care as the health care industry moves toward electronic records.

When plugged into a computer’s USB port, the 911 Medical ID’s pre-loaded software will launch, helping users go through the relevant steps to enter information such as emergency contacts, doctors, medical conditions, prescriptions, a living will, medical tests and family history. It comes with a 2GB storage capacity that boasts password protection to prevent unwanted eyes from prying into what’s stored within. You can also back up the information within automatically onto a secure password-protected website for free for added peace of mind.

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