Sumo Canvas Clock Bomb shows time ticking away

clock_bombI don’t know if any of you watch Total Drama Island (TDI) on the Cartoon Network (CN), but it is quite an awesome show. I swear, CN did not pay me to write that, it really is. I bring this up because the animated reality show had an episode where each character had to face their greatest fears. For one character, Cody, it was disabling a bomb under pressure.

Cody would definitely not be the audience for the Sumo Canvas Clock Bomb, for he would be forced to look at a bomb that would tell the time. Just to let you know, the ticking clock counts down to nothing and there is no explosives set to go off at a certain time. It’s just there to show you the time that is ticking away second by horrific second.

There’s no real complex tech going on with this gadget. It’s just a photo of a bomb that has a real clock face. In all honesty, I am surprised that they did not use a digital clock with red numbers. After all, if there is one thing that movies and television has taught us, it’s that all bombs have little red numbers that tell us when they are about to go off.

I suppose if you are an evil genius, and you want to convey to your minions the value of time, then feel free to go over to RED5 website and pay $34 dollars for this.