The RC900 Remote-Control Bowling Ball

by Ally


Some people have this astounding ability to take a bowling ball and actually knock down all of the pins.  For those of us that don’t have that ability, there’s finally the RC900.  It’ll make sure those pesky bowling pins finally get knocked down where they belong.  This bowling ball is controlled by a remote and is easily able to dodge all kings of obstacles, like the gutter for example.

Alright, so it’s actually marketed towards kids and those with physical limitations.  Lack of hand-eye coordination is a physical limitation, right?  The bowling ball is able to steer by adjusting the position of the weight screwed onto a threaded shaft within the ball.  The sad news is, it’s a pretty obvious remote control, so there’s no way to fake out your friends on this one.  Plus it’ll cost you $1500 from 900 Global.

Source: Neatorama

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