Largest bathtub in the world


If there’s one thing the Playboy Mansion lacks, this would be it – the largest bathtub in the world. No sir, this home-bound contraption isn’t meant to be an intimate affair for single folks or those who have small houses, as it comes with a depth of 25 feet, being 72 feet long! Certified as the largest bathtub in the world by Guinness World Record (UK), it is going for $118,000 a pop. Imagine the number of lithe-looking Playmates swimming and relaxing inside while Hugh Hefner with a cigar hanging from the side of his mouth smiles at his life’s achievement of accumulating a bevy of beauties in a single place. Features include steam rooms, perfumed sauna boxes, LCD screens, telephone service, Jacuzzi pool and high-tech shower panels.

Source: Luxury Launches

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