Haglöfs Drybag Laptop Sleeve double seals

by Ally


Laptop bags are rarely something worth mentioning.  Sure, they protect your precious laptop, but besides having a different color of material, they’re not that interesting.  Well this bag actually does offer up an extra twist to help those out that take their laptop more places than to a tidy little office every single day.  This one will protect it more from the great outdoors than those other laptop bags will.

This bag is double-sealed and will of course do the usual job of protecting your precious laptop from bumps and bruises.  Yet it also manages to protect your laptop from water as well.  The bag itself is completely waterproof.  I hope you like orange though, because it appears that’s the only color you can pick it up in.  The bag comes in a 15” form and a 17” version.  Although you may have to contact them to find out the availability on these sleeves.

Source: OhGizmo

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