Transformers 2 Movie on 4GB USB Stick


Although the second Transformer movie didn’t exactly get an outstanding reaction, some people are probably still interested in picking up the sequel.  It’s a part of the series, so it’s nice to have around.  Maybe after a while you’ll stop noticing those spots in the movie that used to drive you crazy.  Well if you’re going to pick up the movie, this is one way to do it. You’ll get the movie as well as a USB drive.

The 4GB drive has the Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen movie already on it.  The sequel can be played on up to five devices and is also able to be burned onto a DVD.  It also comes with a nifty case to finish off the package.  The drive itself despite having the movie on it, still has about 3GB of space left on it for other things you might want to save.  You can purchase it for £17.99 or about $30, you can expect to see it shipping out as of the 30th of this month.

Source: NerdApproved