Last Week’s Coolest Gadget Winners are…


The winner of last week’s coolest gadget competition is the Cable Drop.

Cable Drops are a very unique and innovative but very simple idea. If like me you tend to have several cables for different devices hanging around your desk you will find they drop down the back and you lose them. Cable Drops will solve this and will hold your wires and cables in place so you won’t have to scramble on the floor to find them each time you need to charge your phone or iPod. Aswell as your cables being right to hand each time the Cable Drops will not leave any mess on your desk and style wise they beat a lump of blue tack hands down.

Congrats again to Tech Styling.

Remote Controlled Transforming Robot Car Triggers RC Drive-Bys
In second place we have the Remote Controlled Transforming Robot Car Triggers RC Drive-Bys.

The Remote Controlled Transforming Robot Car performs 360º spins, hairpin turns and transforms – at the press of a button – into a rotary cannon-packing, dart-firing robot.


USB Vinyl Record Turntable
Finally in third place comes the USB Vinyl Record Turntable.

Vinyl records used to rule the roost when it came to music, some audiophiles still prefer them to CDs and MP3s in certain situations, whether that’s you or you’d like to go through your parents’ old record collection and get those classic songs transferred to digital format on your computer or iPod, then this could be the gadget for you…or perhaps it’d make a great Christmas present for your parents to go down memory lane with!


Thank you to everybody who voted, submitted, commented or told a friend. The randomly drawn winner of the $50 Think Geek vouchers is:

Amy (sunburntgal…@…), congratulations.

Thanks again everybody and good luck with the next CGOTW contest on Friday.

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