The Vertical Bed lets you literally sleep standing up

by Mark R

500x_verticalbedImagine walking the streets of New York City and seeing this guy. If you were a true New Yorker, you would probably just walk on by, assuming you even noticed him in the first place.

As an “out-of-towner”, I probably would just assume that this man had some disability that required him to wear metal braces on his neck and…backside, and would probably not ask him about it.

Actually, this man is asleep. That’s right, he is on the Vertical Bed, and all those braces are designed to attach to an ordinary subway grating. This very tired chap tried it out in NYC, and he actually got forty good minutes of shut-eye.

Personally, I think this is the sign of the times. I mean, I have taken naps on libraries, coffee houses, and other public places that are not ideal for napping, but I would have to be very tired in order to consider this vertical napping accessory.

Honestly, I just don’t think that humans were meant to sleep standing up like horses. Not only that, but what is prevent pickpockets from robbing these easy targets?

This Vertical bed is just a concept for now, but it comes with noise-canceling headphones, sunglasses, and a free-standing umbrella. It is all made to fit compactly into the suitcase that you see attached to the standing napper.


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