R1 Radio makes me want an analog radio

by Mark R

R1-Radio-by-Il-gu-cha-thumb-550x413-27894You can probably see from the photo here how the R1 radio works. It sits on a tabletop like a mouse without a computer, and is controlled by rolling it in different directions.

Yes, rolling it up will turn the volume up, an rolling it down will turn it down. I am going to assume that you turn the radio on by turning it up, just like you would an older radio dial.

If you want to tune the radio into a certain station, just move it left and right. In short, it’s like having an analog radio that allows you to shift the station marker with your hand.

Now, you might be asking: who could use a device like this? After all, we live in an era where most radios have digital indicators that show the exact number of the station. Let me give you a hint: close your eyes and try to tune into a station using a digital station indicator. Just try finding your favorite station that way.

Yes, the blind still use the analog radio with a dial, and cannot see the numbers of the station unless they are in Braille. I don’t know if there is a device like this, but the R1 is “designed for them [the visually impaired] to control the radio more intuitively”.

This R1 Radio is still a concept by South Korean Il-Gu Cha, and not currently on the market as yet.


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