LED Table Lamp plugs into phone jack

by Ally


Although the first thing most people notice is the nauseatingly pink color of this lamp, the lamp does actually have plenty to offer.  I’m one that dislikes the idea of being stuck completely in the dark whenever the power goes out and it actually happens quite a bit.  This lamp doesn’t use power in the same way that your average lamp would.  Instead, it plugs into your phone jack.

The phone jack will keep this environmentally friendly light powered.  Now, if the phone line goes down too then you’re kind of hosed.  At least it’s something though.  The durable plastic lamp has 8 white LED lights.  It has your usual switch to turn the light on and off.  All around, it’s a pretty basic lamp, the big feature on it is the alternate power source.  Plus the fact that it’ll only cost you $4.69 from Ux Sight.

Source: TechChee

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