Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion comes with BlackBerry compatibility now


redflyThe REDFLY Mobile Companion from Celio is one gadget that has no internal processor despite looking like some sort of netbook or mini notebook. First released a year ago, the REDFLY Mobile Companion has yet to gain traction worldwide as most people do not see the need to tote around another device that functions as an external display while offering a much larger QWERTY keyboard than you’ll ever get on any smartphones or cellphones. Still, I guess there are enough people around who have purchased the REDFLY Mobile Companion to keep the production lines open, but not all smartphones can play nice with the device, including the all important BlackBerry line. Nice to know that the latest update corrects the situation by being compatible with select BlackBerry smartphones with its BlackBerry software driver now for download.

Currently, the REDFLY Mobile Companion is available in a couple of models, known as the C8N and C7, where both of them will boast a large display, a full QWERTY keyboard for easy typing, a touchpad for better navigation, up to an 8-hour battery, and USB, VGA and media ports. You won’t find any operating system, storage or processor within, as its performance is as good as how fast your connected device is. In the case of the connected BlackBerry, it will rely on the BlackBerry smartphone’s computing power in order to provide a much better user experience thanks to the REDFLY’s 800 x 480 resolution display.

The latest update will support the BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphones, so make sure you own the right device before deciding to bring home the REDFLY Mobile Companion. No longer do you need to be restrained by the BlackBerry’s tiny display when surfing the Internet, as the REDFLY is more than enough to handle a much more user-friendly surfing experience. Apart from that, a larger display also makes it easier to type out all your long-winded documents with ease.

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