Timeclock and door lock use facial recognition

face_timecardI once worked at a place that required me to have an ID card. I had to swipe it just to prove that I had showed up to work, and I couldn’t even get through the front door without it. If I forgot my ID card, it was a big hassle to explain myself to human resources, not to mention the waiting for someone to open the door for me.

This is just one of the reasons why I don’t work for “the man”. I can just see “the man” of the future implementing mandatory Face Detecting Time Attendance System and Access Door Lock (CVJB-G107) at the workplace.

Essentially, this apparatus keeps track of your employees arrivals and departures with face-detection technology. It only takes a fraction of a second to scan the face, and the worker will be logged in for attendance, overtime, and even late employees. All that information can then be downloaded into a flash drive, and tallied up whenever paychecks come out. Don’t ask me how it can keep track of employees who go out for lunch.

Just so you know, the CVJB-G107 takes a 3D scan of the face. So if you are trying to fool it by holding out a picture of yourself in order to open the door, it won’t work.

If you have an office that would be improved by this tech, then you should be able to purchase it at the Chinavision site for about $480.00.


2 thoughts on “Timeclock and door lock use facial recognition”

  1. This is a way scaled down version of the DARPA version but, does not come with the 6 digit price tag. For the price of this unit I would expect a stronger case. I guess this would work for a facility that likes to present an illusion of security controls and most likely would be under CCTV anyway. Now where did I put that paper clip and screwdriver?

  2. http://www.lathem.com > It’s also hygienic because you’re not putting your dirty hands all over a hand reader. If you’re a health care facility this is a huge issue. The above comments are obviously not based on testing Lathem’s FR700. Believe it when you see it folks.

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