The IPEVO P2V USB Webcam

by Ally


Most webcams only tilt just slighty, well this IPEVO camera actually allows for quite a bit of versatility.  If you like to create a lot of different videos that require more than the usual camera, this would work out great.  It’s multi-jointed, so it can tilt and bend to your heart’s content.  Sure, you could rig the one you own with a makeshift stand, but this one won’t start to droop slowly throughout the video as the tape starts to give.

The 2MP camera has a macro mode to give better closeup images, a handheld grip and a universal monitor clip.  It has other features like one-touch snapshot mode and autofocus in both continuous and single-click modes.  It comes with the usual software and will work for both a PC and a Mac.  You can purchase the IPEVO P2V USB Camera for $69 through IPEVO.

Source: Gizmowatch

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