Belkin Cushdesk comforts your laptop and your lap

by Mark R

ls_f8n143-ksg_lifestyleWe have already covered Belkin’s Series of Comfort Mice, and I was able to check out another Belkin product that improves user comfort on their computers.

I suppose that the CushDesk doesn’t really need any explanation as to what it does, nor is it anything really advanced. However, it solves that universal problem of putting a laptop on your lap and beating that “hotseat effect”. It is the same effect that happens whenever you have a cat laying on your lap. At first, it is quite warm and comforting, but after a while, you just want to throw it off.

Compatible with PC and Mac laptops with a max screen size of 17 inches, the CushDesk is at a slight angle to be easy on the eyes and legs. It also has this tiny little fence so the laptop or netbook won’t just slide off. Yes, I should have done a better job describing that, but I can’t think of any better terms, honestly.

The CushDesk can store easily, and has some plush material to cushion the weight of the user’s computer on their legs.

The CushDesk can be purchased at major retail stores everywhere, and can also be purchased directly off the Belkin site itself for $29.99. It comes in two colors: pitch black/soft gray as well as espresso/fuchsia.

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