YoGen offers free juice plus a workout



Going green is more or less on the agenda of most companies, as that is the way forward to the future. The YoGen device is one that takes the eco-friendly route, offering off-the-grid charging for your devices while giving your arms a good workout. Yup, you’ve guessed it – it uses an unorthodox technique of a pull string, where the product is descibred as “produces a previously unmatched level of charging power when driven by the repeated pulling of a cord, in a way which somewhat resembles the action of a Yo-Yo.” No idea on how many pulls will it take to juice up an iPod, but it does come with a range of connector tips that will cater for a variety of devices. It will be available for $40 a pop after November 15th, making it a suitable stocking stuffer for your eco-friendly family members this coming holiday season.

Source: TreeHugger

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