Sharper Image Movie/Video Game Projector

00011158-z1Projectors are starting to become very popular with the average consumer, and this particular one is low-priced and just what the average consumer needs.

After all, most consumers just want a way to view their personal DVDs and home movies on a bigger screen. The Sharper Image Entertainment Projector for Movies and Video Games is perfect for this. All that is required of the user is to hook the Projector to a DVD player or gaming station via included cable, and plug it in with the included AC cord.

According to the site, it is best viewed from six feet away. I had a chance to try it out for myself. I held it back more than six feet away from a blank wall, and I was able to get a pretty decent image.

The Projector also has a terrific handle that doubles as a stand for it. The Projector easily pivots, and it is possible for the user to adjust it so it is projected on the ceiling. It even comes with a remote control for power, volume, contrast, and color.

Granted, I wish this Projector could easily connect to an average computer without having to purchase special adapters, such as the 3M MPro 120. I guess you can’t have it both ways. At least the sound is considerably better than the aforementioned projector.

You should be able to purchase the Sharper Image Entertainment Projector from the Sharper Image site for about $129.99. It won’t be available until November 12th, though.

7 thoughts on “Sharper Image Movie/Video Game Projector”

  1. I plan on getting one to replace my TV. Sounds weird, I suppose, but I can’t personally justify buying a big flat screen when I can accomplish the same thing for 1/10 the price and 1/20 the energy use.

    Question: what about the fan? I’ve been told the fan can be very loud, and that they tend to overheat if you watch 2 movies back-to-back (that’s about the amount of time it would be used daily). From someone that has used one, how would you rate those issues?

  2. The fan is your friend especially in electronics! I just got a new plasma and saw that the warranties are barely over 90 days labor, so I installed a fan on my new plasma and totally removed all unnecessary heat! Being associated in Bell labs, heat is a killer of electronic components and removing it saves the life out of any electronic product. Bulbs create a lot of heat and a fan is a must!!!

  3. Can someone tell me how to hook this projector up to my T.V? Can you do this? I know it seems pretty easy because it only comes with 1 cable. When I hook it up to my t.v, I get no picture and no sound. Thank you

  4. To Tammi,

    It doesn’t get hooked to your TV, it replaces it. The 3 jacks on the side White, Red and Yellow are “INPUT” ports, the Jacks on your TV are also “INPUT” so connecting them will not help you.

    Using a Video Game Console, DVD Player, VCR or your Cable Box, plug the yellow wire to the “VIDEO OUT” the red and white jacks go to “AUDIO OUT” for left speaker and right speaker.Then plug the other end of the cables to the projector.
    The device (VCR, Game Console, etc…) created the sound and video, the projector displays them.

    Aim it at a blank wall, or ceiling and have fun!!

    Good Luck. I just bought one for my karaoke machoine and we’re loving it.

  5. I tried to connect mine to my mac book pro from my DVI out port through a DVI to VGA connector through a VGA to RCA connector and into the projector I get nothing although my computer sees the projector it wont put out a picture. Any ideas on how to fix this.

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