Pure Move Palm Sized DAB Radio with Leather Case

by Ally


If you’re a fan of DAB radio, now you can own a limited edition version that looks far better than most radios.  Despite that the radio itself has the same look you’re used to seeing, the case that comes with it adds quite a bit of color.  If you’re not a fan of red, don’t worry, it comes in more than just red.  Besides looking good, it has not only DAB radio, but FM as well.

The radio has a rechargeable radio that will keep your music going for up to 40 hours when it has a full charge.  It also has 20 different preset stations, textSCAN that pauses and controls DAB scroll text, as well as RDS to display the station name.  Like most radios, you can choose to listen through the speakers or plug in a pair of headphones.  The limited edition John Lewis case comes in midnight black and chili red.  It’s made out of real leather and will cost you £79.95.

Source: SwitchedonSet

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