Nintendo DSi now known as DSi LL


The wildly successful Nintendo DS line has now entered its fourth iteration, with confirmation of the Nintendo DSi LL in the pipeline that is basically a supersized version of the camera-enabled DSi. After all, it gets larger 4.25″ displays on both top and bottom segments compared to the older DSi’s 3.25″, coupled with an extra, bulkier pen with a host of new colors to whet your appetite. Something tells us that Zune lovers might just fall for this since it comes in a similar dark brown color. Out in Japan later this November 21st, it will come with a trio of built-in games, retailing for roughly $220 after conversion which makes it pricier than the Sony PSP-3000 but cheaper than the PSP Go. Do you think the DSi LL will be able to take off in the same manner as its predecessors?

Source: Wired

2 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi now known as DSi LL”

  1. Just gave my daughter the DSi and they’re gonna launch a new on before the end of this month?!?!?!?!?!


    oh well good thing my daughter’s only 7 too young to be a gadget geek hahaha like i said, the cheaper the easier to accept when broken haha

  2. When I first heard about this new DSi I didn’t think much of the screen being “just” 1 inch bigger, but when they put it another way, saying that’s 93% larger than the DSi screen, I really wanted one. I think everyone is going to have the red one thought so I would get a dark brown DSi XL.

    I’ve had a go with an imported DSi XL and though the bulkier pen was really cool. It felt much easier to hold, the only problem is that you can’t slide it into the console when you’re finished with it.

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