Bagels get beyond Thunderdome

Keep baked good fresher longer with Bagel Dome
Keep baked good fresher longer with Bagel Dome

We don’t need another bagel, we don’t need another bread dish. All we want is life beyond Bageldome … okay, it’s a really bad paraphrase of a cool movie theme song, and while I can’t sing like Tina Turner, I can enjoy Bagels outside of a window of a few days. That’s the promise of the Bagel dome.

But not just bagels, any baked dish can stay fresher, longer. The Bagel Dome uses a vacuum to suck out air and seal in freshness. It’s one touch button is powered by a pair of C batteries.

If you like home made biscuits, fresh bagels, or even some yummy cupcakes that can stay fresher longer and not end up with day old bread, then Bagel Dome may be ideal. And at about $40, it’s not a bad deal.

Hat Tip – Taylor Gifts

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