Sketch Art from Hi-Tec Art

by Mark R

sketch_artFor those who had Lite Brite when they were kids know that the pegs were not actually tiny bulbs in and of themselves. I remember the commercial seemed to call it “magic”, but all it was a light bulb behind a plastic pegboard with black construction paper sandwiched in between.

This is different from Sketch Art. These are individual LEDs that will light up on their own. Of course, LEDs will always need power to light up, and the Sketch Art is powered by batteries, USB cable, car adapter, or AC wall adapter. I believe that all except the batteries come with the Sketch Art kit.

I’m a little “Sketchy” as far as what actually keeps the pegs on the board itself, but the kit comes with an LED Insertion Tool and LED Extraction Tool, so they must be in there by a force better than gravity. By the way, the kit comes with 100 3mm LEDs of assorted colors.

You might notice that there is a Las Vegas sign in the picture that has been decorated appropriately. I found that sort of odd, because Lite Brite traditionally had all black backgrounds. The kit apparently comes with six different backgrounds, so perhaps the Las Vegas sign is one of them.

You should be able to get the Sketch Art from the Hi-Tec Art’s website for about $49.95.


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