The Butterfly USB Hub


If you’re more of a bright summery kind of girl, then these butterfly USB hubs would probably blend in great with your style.  Personally, it just makes me miss the summer that is already over and hope for the one that is nowhere near close.  However, anyone can still appreciate the bright cheerful colors these butterflies come in.  Especially since they don’t just come in the stereotypical girl color of bright pink.

Instead these come in bright red and a pretty blue.  The hub features 4 different ports for all your different gadgets.  Plus the hubs are tucked along the sides, so they won’t take away from the look of the butterfly.  The hub would be great to have to get rid of all the dull colors that offices seem to feature so proudly.  Thankfully while being pretty, the hub is also affordable.  You can purchase it for $10.99 from USB Fever.

Source: GeekAlerts