ArmorLite EcoSafety Coating protects you from mercury

by Ally


CFLs have quickly started to show up in just about everyone’s homes.  Yes, they are more expensive, but it’s just so nice not to have to change bulbs out quite so often.  Plus there is the benefit of reducing your energy bill and that whole eco-friendly thing.  However, there is one major downside to them, they contain a small amount of mercury.  Well luckily someone has now created a safety shell to keep that mercury from escaping.

It’d be a serious perk for anyone that is worried about their kids coming in contact with the mercury.  The skin for the bulb will remain on it, even if the bulb inside of the skin manages to shatter.  That’s a lot better than dealing with having to keep kids and pets away from the area where the bulb was broken.  The skins will be out in December and January.  At that time they’ll cost $7.99, but it is questionable how many people will bother paying the extra cash for the cover.

Source: Crave

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