The eco-friendly Solar Light Up Skull


Instead of getting a skull that lights up and requires you to plug it in or toss in batteries, go for this slightly more convenient design.  It features a built-in solar panel to make it so that you can sit this out during the Halloween season and not need to worry about it till Halloween has passed.  Since it will be all over with as of Saturday, perhaps you should consider this for next Halloween instead though.

When someone happens to pass by this solar-powered skull, those bright yellow lights will glare at them as they go about their business.  It has a natural bone-like finish and is made out of a resin that makes it durable in all different types of weather.  That makes it even better to just sit it out and not have to worry about it for a while.  It comes with a Ni-Cad battery that the solar panel will charge.  You can purchase the Solar Light Up Skull for $20.69 from UXSight.

Source: TechChee