Cricket to offer LG HELiX handset


lg-helixWhen it comes to mobile carriers in the US, most people would probably think of the big three that comprise of Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T. These giants operate on a totally different scale compared to the smaller mobile carriers, but that doesn’t mean that those outside of the equation won’t get cool handsets from time to time although it can be pretty rare for that to happen. Cricker Communications will be offering the LG HELiX from LG Electronics, marking LG’s reintroduction into the Cricket handset lineup after a time of absence. The LG HELiX will come in the form factor of a clamshell and not a candybar, so if you’re the type who loves flipping phones open and closing them with a satisfying smack, this is the one for you.

The LG HELiX will come with a large 176 x 220 2.0″ TFT 262K internal color display alongside a lesser 96 x 64 TFT 262K external color display. With its large keypad, users will be able to dial the desired number in a jiffy, while the increase in font size makes for a fast and easy read. This does lead us to wonder – was the LG HELiX designed to cater to those who are older among us and already have troubles trying to make out tiny print? Nice to know this entry-level phone does not come with a VGA camera but will instead contain a 1.3-megapixel camera for impromptu shots, while Voice Clarity brings speech intelligibility a notch higher, where it will automatically adjust hearing level when a user is receiving or sending calls in noisy environments. You can also opt to use a Bluetooth headset with this cellphone for your hands-free needs.

You can choose from silver or pink colors for the LG HELiX, where it will retail for $139.99 per handset. Guess this can start off as a first cellphone for college going kids (who will grumble because it is not an iPhone) and among the older population who want nothing more than a regular cellphone to keep in touch.

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