A Radar System made for an Army Helmet

radar helmetOne of the scariest things in combat is that the enemy could be anywhere, and you wouldn’t know it until it was too late.

This is why the military is developing a miniature helmet-mounted radar system (HMRS). Think of it as radar for the head, to let you know if people are around you.

The range on this guy is about 25 meters, and it is very lightweight at 2.5 pounds. One of those pounds is actually on the helmet itself. I’m not certain what the power source would be used for this guy, but it would have to be built to last.

This radar can see through dust, fog, foliage, and even walls. So if there is some enemies hiding in the close by, a soldier can detect them before he or she gets shot at.

Of course, there really isn’t a way for the helmet-radar to detect the enemies from the “friendlies”. Other things could probably set this off too, such as thin trees that wave in the wind.

Just think about how many soldiers in past wars could have been saved with a device like this! Considering the losses that the United States has taken in Iraq or Afganistan, soldiers could use a little warning before going around that unknown corner.


1 thought on “A Radar System made for an Army Helmet”

  1. Logic please:
    “a little warning before going around that unknown corner”
    by radar that looks around corners?
    A Dubious Concept at best.

    Best that it shows whether you are in the company
    of those you anticipated rather than foes.
    It needs a transponder arrangement at least.

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