QOOQ: A computer for the kitchen

by Mark R

qooqThis next device has a name that some of you might have a hard time pronouncing, but just say the word “cook” and you got it. I’m not certain what the heck QOOQ stands for, though.

The QOOQ is a kitchen computer and it comes with 10 recipes from chefs on video. It also can connect to the internet over the Ethernet or Wifi, and the user can even subscribe to monthly updates for lots more recipes. There is also a meal planner and a shopping list maker that will also help before the cooking. It doesn’t have an Internet Browser, but it can be used to update recipes, get weather information, internet radio stations, and can also be used as a digital picture frame.

Now the QOOQ has a 10.2 inch touchscreen and an onscreen keyboard, but you are probably wondering if you want something like that in the kitchen with sauces that boil over and all that kitchen mess that you have to wipe off daily. Fortunately, the QOOQ has a glass screen that you can wipe off with the counter and all.

Now, the QOOQ comes with 500 preloaded, interactive recipes, but it is all written in French. It costs €349 and then €12.95 /month for the updates.


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Coyote Says: October 29, 2009 at 6:14 am

Great idea, to bad they killed their customer base by making it subscription based… 13eu a mo!!?
Seriously that was a typo right?
What interesting and exciting food can they add every month that will make it worth that?

And if they say its for the interactive movies, Emeril has a whole DVD set out for what 2 months of this service would cost.

Kitchen Hand Mixers Says: November 20, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Seems like a pretty cool device but a bit unnecessary. With phones getting more and more complex, couldn’t you just search for whatever recipe you want on your phone and keep it in the kitchen with you?

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