Happiness Hat for a permanent smile


happiness hat from Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo.

They say that frowning uses less muscles than a smile, and frowning too much might just result in an undesired, sad look on your face permanently if done once too often. Enter the Happiness Hat that ought to change all that, leaving you with a perpetual smile without having to carve one out for you. How is this possible? No, it doesn’t use some sort of laughing gas or anything of the sort, but rely on a traditional Pavlovian-style approach by driving a metal spike into its wearer’s head should he or she make the mistake of frowning. This is made possible by an embedded bend sensor which is attached to the cheek and measures smile size, while a servo motor helps moves a metal spike into the head inversely proportional to the degree of smile. That ought to leave you with a perpetual smile, that’s for sure.

Source: Gearlog

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