OWLE Bubo ready to pre-order

by Mark R

OWLE BuboIt has been a while since we covered the OWLE, a device made to harness the video capturing abilities of the iPhone 3GS. Back then, the OWLE (Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement) was in a concept stage, but the OWLE Bubo is ready for pre-order.

The Bubo has a hotshoe mount with LED lights, with four tripod mounts. It has a standard 37mm lens that is threaded so you can put other lenses on it, besides the one that the Bubo already comes with. I believe that it also comes with a front-facing microphone.

So what are we looking at, some new way that video bloggers can gain better video footage? I certainly hope so.

By the way, I think I know why they call it the Bubo. Anyone remember the 1981 Ray Harryhausen Greek myth film Clash of the Titans? Yes, Bubo was the name of the mechanical owl that Athena gave to Perseus to aid him on his quest. I guess someone wanted an R2D2 character in their classical Greek movie adaptation.

Anyway, this OWLE has been on quite a quest since its first concept drawing, and the designers won some award for iFund’s “Most Promising Startup”. The Bubo will be available for pre-order tomorrow for $99.95.


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Charles Says: October 26, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Are these the same guys??

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