Wiimote looks like MP5

by Mark R

MP5Take a gander at this sweet looking Wii peripheral. Yes, that is right, it is nothing more than a full scale replica of a Heckler and Koch MP5 sub machine gun made for Wii games.

This gun features a built in Wiimote, Nunchuk, MotionPlus sensor, rechargeable battery, speaker, and even rumble support. This isn’t the first time someone has made a gun-type controller for the Wiimote, or one that could house the Nunchuk. However, I can’t figure out for the life of me where the Wiimote or Nunchuk fits on this apparatus.

I also cannot figure out what games you would play this with. I’ve played a lot of awesome Wii first-person shooters, but most of them are Tomb Raider and Metroid Prime type games, and an MP5 sub machine gun isn’t really used. Perhaps it is time to release Operation Wolf, for the Wii. Yeah, that’s right! Wii Wolf!

I also couldn’t help imagining taking this with you on a plane. Can you imagine the looks of the people in security as this Wii peripheral goes underneath the X-rays? Oh man, be prepared to be taken into “the special room” for quite a while.

As for this Wii peripheral, there is no word of where or when it will be coming out. It does look pretty expensive. Considering the recent price cut of the Wii, it could be more expensive than the console.


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