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Origin Storage has just rolled out a couple of new hard drives that come in the form of 1TB and 750GB capacities under the Data Locker line. Of course, if you think that you won’t be needing all of that extra space, there is always the option to settle for currently available 320GB and 500GB models for those with a smaller appetite for raw data storage space. As for security purposes, you won’t have to worry since the Data Locker Secure Drive will come with AES hardware encryption that would frustrate any dim-witted thief, alongside a 6 to 18 digit PIN number that must be entered directly on the device itself.

Some of the high end features that come with each purchase of the Data Locker will include :-

  • Brute Force Attack Detect/Self Destruct
  • One touch drive erase for rapid re-deployment
  • Hardware Based Malware Detection/Deflection
  • Random keypad to prevent shoulder hacking
  • 100% Platform Independent Security and Authentication
  • Military grade AES Encryption (CBC mode)
  • Zero footprint and no pop-up password entry screens

Security-wise, you will be pleased to know that Data Locker will only enable the portable drive to mount an operating system whenever the right PIN has been entered on the LCD keypad. The LCD display itself is used to change the Data Locker PIN (variety is the spice of life after all, isn’t it?), dismount the drive, toggle the keytone on or off, or wipe the drive clean if you happen to have a premonition that you might come across some calamity one of these days. As for the levels of security available, you will be able to choose from Data Locker Personal, Data Locker Pro AES and Data Locker Enterprise which target Consumer and Education sectors, Corporate and Local Government areas, and Military and transportation of mission critical data, respectively. Depending on your needs, you can pick up the 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB flavors for £180, £239, £299 and £399, respectively. Anyone interested?

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