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Samsung isn’t just about fancy and large TVs in addition to cool solar-powered cellphones, as the company does have quite the repertoire of gizmos and devices to satisfy just about and gadget lust. This time round, the consumer electronics, telecommunications and information technology giant has recently announced that it has managed to roll out the world’s first single chip compatible with the newly approved North American mobile digital TV broadcasting standard successfully. In layman’s terms, this means the new chip will probably see a slew of new portable media players released in the US to feature the ability to handle all your portable TV cravings regardless of where you are. This is made possible by merging the radio frequency (RF) and digital chip components into one single 65 nanometer (nm)-scale chip. When compared against standard multiple-chip sets, the solitary chip offers makers of various mobile devices including cellphones, car-mounted televisions and portable media players an optimal solution that is more compact, uses less power, and is more affordable.

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) did start work on moving towards standardizing mobile digital TV broadcasting by utilizing the current digital TV broadcasting spectrum alongside its facilities since May a couple of years ago. A recently concluded membership vote has seen the ATSC Mobile DTV being adopted as an ATSC standard officially. According to Mr. Byung Duck Cho, executive vice president of the Digital Media and Communications R&D Center of Samsung Electronicsm “Prior to Samsung’s technical demonstration at the 2006 NAB Show, industry experts believed that the compatibility of mobile TV broadcasting technology with the existing ATSC broadcasting system was not possible. In early 2005, Samsung Electronics decided to apply significant resources to ATSC standardization. “Samsung succeeded in ATSC Mobile DTV standardization through its dedication and support in cooperation with the ATSC, broadcasters, and other electronics manufacturers. Through this collaborative accomplishment, Samsung Electronics aims to advance its leadership in the North American mobile market with mobile TV.”

You sure won’t come up short in terms of entertainment as more than 70 broadcast stations have already announced their support of this initiative and will broadcast on a trial basis across North America before the year is over.

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