Tallyn Series Laptop Deck uses your camera tripod

by Ally


Although the screen on your digital camera gives you an idea on how the picture will look, it’s not entirely accurate.  Usually once you blow the picture up you can notice details like the picture being the slightest bit blurry or when a mischievous child has decided to pull a prank in the picture.  Usually it’s not a big deal to get home and notice those issues.  However, for professional photographers if they miss a shot they really need it could cost them.  Which means their laptop stays with them quite a bit.  Well this stand will make it possible for them to use their laptop a little easier in different environments.

When you’re outdoors you don’t exactly want to just sit your laptop in the grass.  This deck will hold your laptop and keep it right where you need it.  It’ll hold up to a 17 inch laptop and one that weighs up to 8lbs.  Just hook it up to a tripod and it’ll stay plenty steady.  Of course the attachment is a little expensive.  It’s going to cost you $85 from Tallyn’s Professional Photographic Supply.

Source: Crave

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Will Says: October 16, 2009 at 4:08 pm

This is pretty cheap for something photography related. a good tripod head alone could go for well over $200

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