Hyper Blast from Wild Planet

wpt46012It really is impossible to talk about Hyper Blast without talking about 1-2-3 Stomp. These two games are made by Wild Planet, and they have the same basic concept.

Each one comes with a talking base, powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). At the base’s command, the player stomps on the center, and stuff goes flying. In the case of 1-2-3 Stomp, it was numbers that had to be put back in the proper place. In the case of Hyper Blast, it is numbered balls that also have to be put back in the proper place. You can’t see from the picture here, but each of the HyperBlast balls has a hole in the back so that it will only fit in its proper numerical order.

Unlike 1-2-3 Stomp, there doesn’t seem to be much of an educational value to the game other than learning colors and numbers, which ought to be known already from those ages six and up. No, the point of Hyper Blast is to simply to beat the previous time of putting the balls back. I’m not really certain why it was slapped with a “six and up” warning label, because a five year old could do this, really. The only complex action consisted of setting the balls in, which as to be done a certain way or it will not count.

This could be a great gift for children. I would say children of all ages, but I’m not certain what the “cut-off” age would be for a product like this. After all, I certainly had a fun time playing it. Anyway, it is available at the Wild Planet Shopping site for a sales price of $29.95.