The 2XL headphones collection

2XL CollectionWhile I was visiting the Skull Candy booth at CES last January, they talked about their 2XL collection. I’m not certain my why Skull Candy is forgetting about the popular log and branching out with this separate new collection, but it is here.

The Spoke (top left) is your basic in ear bud with noise isolation and in-ear acoustics. It bears a strong resemblance to the standard iPod earbuds and costs $14.99.

The Groove (top right) is a little bit more advanced, but only because it has the hanger function for around the ear. Unlike the Coosh Headphones, this hanger is not flexible, but these headphones cost just $14.99.

The Ratio (bottom right) is another ear bud, but different in style from that of the Spoke. It is the lowest price at just $9.99.

The 4 Corners (bottom left) is an over-the-ear headphones that hearken back to the days of the Sony Walkman. The square pads cover the ears well, and are at the highest price of $19.99. (To this writing, these style of headphones are out of stock, but probably will be replenished soon! Hopefully before the holidays.)

The 2XL headphones come in oddly-named color combinations that you have to check out for yourself to believe like Wrecking Ball, Snake Eyes, Nuevo Sonido, Grills Black, Grills Pink, Rasta, and Bunny. You should be able to head on over to the 2XL website and order up any style of these headphones (with currently one exception) for the varying prices listed above, or at merchandisers everywhere like Kohl’s and Best Buy.