USB Drive that doubles as ruler

by Ally


At first this ruler flash drive seemed more ridiculous than useful.  However, after looking it over, it’s actually not such a bad idea.  After all, school aged kids do need rulers every so often for their school work.  This would mean they’d have both their school papers saved and handy as well as the ruler always around.  Plus the drive could also function as a bookmark and hold their place in any school books.

This isn’t something I could see the average adult really fully utilizing, but students could quite easily benefit from the design.  It doesn’t hold a whole lot, just 2GB of data.  That would be enough though for the average younger student that merely has a few papers that they need to store on the drive.  It’s not going to cost you a horrific amount either, so if they lose it, it’s not the end of the world.  To pick one up it’ll cost you $29.99 from Audio Cubes.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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