Mickey’s Mouse-ke-Tag let’s your child smash Disney characters

by Mark R

wpt46102This next product is for those parents who are tired of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on Playhouse Disney, and really want to smash those annoying Disney characters once and for all.

Just kidding. Actually, it is a game designed for children ages three and up, and that mouse-eared masher that you see in the photo is something to merely cover the Disney characters. Mouse-ke Tag is a lot like the Hyper Dash game. In this case, the talking contraption orders the player to cover a certain character instead of smashing a numbered disc.

The first level is as easy as just smashing (covering) the characters who are called by name, but later levels involve learning levels, character voices, and descriptions. So not only is it fun, but it is a little bit educational.

My kids found this game about as fun as Hyper Dash, but there is one element that should have been perfected before the game hit the market. See those green pads that stands the characters up? Well, they aren’t glued there. So if your child insufficiently covers one of these characters, it is possible for that grazed character to fall off of the stand. Then time is lost putting that knocked over character back on his or her stand. The worst culprit of this design defect was Goofy, whose outstretched legs made him a real pushover.

You’d have to try it to see what I am talking out. Mickey’s Mouse-ke Tag can be purchased on the Wild Planet Website for approximately a $34.95 sale price.

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