Cheese Grater Light makes cheese graters almost stylish

by Ally


Alright, so I’m aware it’s a touch on the strange side to put a light inside of a bright orange cheese grater.  However, being a person who has a tendency to wander the house at night, it’s always nice to have a dim light going in the kitchen.  Then if you’re going to keep a light in the kitchen, you might as well make it a light that looks like it belongs in the kitchen.

It does make sense, but I realize that it does take a little extra work to justify it.  What doesn’t really help matters any is the price.  After all, one could pick up a light, a cheese grater and some orange spray paint and do the job themselves.  Items that could easily enough be done on your own always are more difficult to stomach the price tag.  This isn’t helping matters any though by costing you £29.00 or about $47.  It’s not a horrifying price, but it still seems like a bit much.  You can find yourself one of these cute lamps through The Conran Shop.

Source: SwitchedonSet

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Erica Says: October 17, 2009 at 12:38 am

Hey that is bad, its absolute madness and i hope its all with a dog was acceptable without oorange.

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