BrickHouse Security offers Amber Alert GPS (AAGPS) system


BrickHouse Security has just unveiled its latest Amber Alert GPS (AAGPS) system that will offer unprecedented peace of mind to families, where the diminutive Amber Alert GPS will provide parents with the opportunity to make sure that their kids are safe and accounted for when they’re away from home in a new and easy way. This is made possible thanks to updated GPS technology, which ought to go some ways in making sure that horror stories of parents being separated from their children (intentionally or accidentally) will not happen – or at least, lower the risk by a whole lot more.

The AAGPS will work best when used with the company’s BrickHouse Child Locator product that was featured in Duracell ads most recently. Unlike the Locator that relies on GPS technology to make sure that parents are alerted when their child wanders beyond a set distance of up to 600 feet, the AAGPS device will offer the ability to remotely locate your very own children when they are away, where the nearest way to catch up with them would be to buy a flight ticket and jet set across the continent. All the parent needs to do is place the Amber Alert GPS System into their child’s personal items such as pockets and backpacks, or a more direct approach by attaching it to a wrist, ankle, or belt. Whenever you call or text the AAGPS device, it will return a detailed map and address of the child’s exact location via any text- or web-enabled phone within seconds. Of course, you can also opt to view location updates on your computer if you so desire.

You know what they say – there are no limits to the price of safety and one’s life. The Amber Alert GPS might be rather pricey at $379 a pop alongside a compulsory monthly subscription plan, but contrast that with losing a loved one instead to see just how valuable this could be in the event of an emergency?

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