Wii Cyberbike: Stationary bike for the Wii

cyberbike-thumb-500x337-25955Those who want to see Wii accessories that are more exciting than the black Wiimote and Nunchuck might appreciate the Wii Cyberbike.

The Wii Cyberbike is what its box implies, a stationary bike designed for the Wii. It comes with a game that involves the player biking around the world picking up pollution, or something. Apparently, this world in the game is something not of this world, as the island on the side of the box implies. (Something about that island reminds me of Myst, for some odd reason.)

I’m told that the Wii Cyberbike is also going to work with Wii Mario Kart, but I’m guessing for only one player. Let’s hope this isn’t the player who travels the slowest because he or she has to pedal while his or her competitors have motorized autos.

So in other words, this is a stationary bike that will look like it is actually going somewhere when placed in front of your TV. Not bad. Of course, you could always use the many running games on WiiFit and achieve essentially the same thing, but without the pedals.

The Wii Cyberbike is set to launch in January of next year, but only in Europe. No price point has been set as yet, and there is no word of it coming to the United States.


5 thoughts on “Wii Cyberbike: Stationary bike for the Wii”

  1. It is a great idea and good fun when there is a group of you. Much more interesting than a normal exercise bike but there was very little resistance and so you can’t get a full work out and it is very hard to keep your feet on the pedals, a holder would be better or even an attachment. Overall a good product but with a few mistakes on the design front.

  2. After many months of being out of stock, then in stock, then out of stock again, it seems to be available at Argos once again. If you buy it then you’ll probably want to change the pedals to something more suitable for an exercise bike – they use a standard 9/16 size fitting so replacement is very easy and not too expensive.

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