Wooden Clip Flash Drive keeps your data close

by Ally


Keeping your USB drive from getting lost isn’t always the easiest task out there.  On occasion it almost seems close to impossible.  Especially for those that have a hectic lifestyle, it’s easy to lose track of something so small.  Well the design of this drive might help things out a bit.  It’ll clip to anything you need it to stay clipped to, because not only is it a USB drive, it’s a clothes pin as well.

Something very similar to this was covered quite some time ago, but the big difference between this drive and that one is that this one is easily purchasable.  Instead of only finding a designer’s website, you can pick it up from a retailer that’s well known for their novelty gadgets.  You can find the drive in a total of 3 different sizes.  There is the 2 GB, the 4GB and the 8GB, which is a great range of sizes for the general public.  They’re also not priced too badly.  They start out at $20, then $21 and finally the 8GB is $34.  You can pick up all three of the sizes the USB Brando.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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