The Frosted Scroll Solar-Powered Lantern

by Ally


There are a great deal of solar lights that go down with the plants and make your garden look that much better.   Well instead of sprucing up your plants, you can add a little mood lighting to your deck or porch.  This could even be used indoors, you’d just have to make sure it stays close to a window to get the full charge it needs to run.  It’s not your usual solar lamp that you find in someone’s garden, which is exactly what makes it so appealing.

In order for this to cast the pretty scroll design onto your tabletop, it’ll need to soak up the sun through the solar panel located on the top.  After it has reached a full charge though, it’ll give you light for up to 8 hours.  You don’t have to let it stay on all the time either like a lot of other solar lights.  This one comes with an on/off switch, so that you can choose when to use up that charge.  You can purchase the lights individually for £24.99 or about $39.

Source: Envirogadget

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