FLIPS book range to hit the Nintendo DS


flipsElectronic Arts normally dabbles in video games, but this time round they aim to get kids more involved with reading by announcing the development of FLIPS, an innovative new book range that was specially developed for the Nintendo DS. FLIPS aims to offer kids regardless of age a fun and creative method of reading their favorite tomes. Working with several of the UK’s leading publishers of children’s books and magazines, soon schoolchildren with a DS can enjoy modern classic titles from critically acclaimed authors such as Cathy Cassidy, Eoin Colfer, Enid Blyton, alongside various writers from the popular boys series, ‘Too Ghoul for School’ on their handheld console. Each FLIPS title will boast multiple books and the first four titles will be released exclusively on Nintendo DS when December 4th rolls around in the UK. Individual FLIPS title will come with six to eight books, and will be sold separately with an expected price tag of £24.99. Now parents have one less excuse to prevent their kids from getting a Nintendo DS, eh?

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