2LoveMy Lips includes drug detector for roofies

by Mark R

500x_SpikeLipGlossRoofies, specially engineered drug cocktails placed in drinks that contribute to drug rape, are a serious problem. The Roofie Foundation, an agency specifically set up to help victims of drug rape, received 1,200 calls from victims in the past two years.

I think we are all aware of date rape drugs such as GHB and Ketamine, and a cosmetic company called 2 Love My Lips is fighting back.

This Liverpool-based company is marketing their lip gloss with a drug testing kit for “party girls who want to play hard and feel safe”. The drug-testing kit includes a pink taper that has been treated to detect the common date rape drugs like litmus paper tests acids. If a woman finds that her drink tastes odd, then she can dab her finger into a drink and rub each end of the taper. If the taper turns blue, then the drink has been tampered with. She can then call her friends or security for help.

It is nice to see that a company is taking steps to prevent drug rape. These 2LoveMyLips Glosses can be purchased at boutique salons across the United Kingdom, and the company is planning on expanding to other countries as well. It can also be purchased at the company website.

In addition to the drug detector kits, these glosses “plump lips and freshen breath with a strong minty flavor”. You know, the usual stuff that lip gloss is supposed to do.


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